Cary Shiner

Chief Executive Officer

Professional Experience

Cary brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, with over 30 years of strategic management in both technical and business realms. His background spans planning, developing, and executing enterprise-wide IT infrastructure, software solutions, product management, and mobile transformations.

Notably, Cary excels in using agile principles to drive strategic direction, design secure technology solutions, and implement new workflows effectively. His ability to communicate these changes across organizations through trainings and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) highlights his commitment to seamless integration and adoption of technology solutions.

With a track record of delivering superior business outcomes for Fortune 500 companies across various industries, including telecommunications, transportation and logistics, information technology, software development, and corporate security, Cary has honed his skills in developing expert-level knowledge of IT systems and cloud-based applications.

Cary’s proficiency extends to implementing strategies aimed at improving program and project delivery while reducing costs. His leadership experience includes leading highly efficient technology teams that consistently exceed company expectations.

As a consultant, Cary now dedicates his time to helping organizations nationwide gain control of their technology, reduce costs, and secure their businesses. His forward-thinking approach, coupled with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, enables him to quickly build trust and foster highly effective working relationships with clients.

Get to know Cary

Beyond his professional endeavors, Cary finds joy in his personal life, residing in Basehor, KS, with his wife of 30 years and their three children. He enjoys spending time on his farm, tending to his horses and other animals. This well-rounded aspect of his life reflects Cary’s ability to balance professional excellence with personal fulfillment.

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