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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems Designed for your Environment

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems Designed for your Environment
Implementing your commercial video surveillance is an investment with the potential for huge returns, both financially and with peace of mind. But to gain that return, your business security system has to be comprehensive and fit with your environment. In today’s world, commercial security requires more than simply installing a security camera. Not only are there cameras, but also storage options, networking, hacker protection, and more to consider when securing your facility and people.

With literally thousands of commercial video surveillance systems and options on the market, let Kenton Brothers’ business security team ensure your system meets your needs now and well into the future, no matter what it brings. Our commercial security experts meticulously evaluate your environment. More importantly, we listen to your concerns, goals, and budget, and then tailor a surveillance system to match.

Possibilities are Endless Through Our Partnerships with The World’s Top Business Surveillance System Manufacturers

Kenton Brothers has been taking care of Kansas City’s commercial video surveillance systems for decades, guiding hundreds of customers toward practical and technologically advanced security solutions in facilities old and new.

From the initial assessment and design to installation, service and management, you can count on your commercial surveillance system to function reliably.

We partner with the best IP hardware and technology manufacturers to bring you cutting edge features. Whether you need to monitor people moving throughout your building, or you need to keep an eye on critical infrastructure, there is a security camera system for your business and budget.

IP Video Surveillance Delivers More For Your Business

Beyond security, commercial surveillance cameras are helping reduce wasted time and measurably boost the bottom line. Download our complimentary Insider’s Guide to Commercial IP Video Surveillance to get answers to frequently asked questions and learn the 7 advantages of implementing commercial surveillance cameras in your facility.

Our Difference

  • We partner with only the industry leading manufactures to ensure the best possible investment and results.
  • We implement the latest in Security AI (artificial Intelligence) to ensure accuracy and integration
  • We integrate our cameras with doors and alarms to provide a seamless experience.



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