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Case Study: Kansas City High School Built for the Future

How top-tier technology and security are keeping these students safe and ahead of the curve.


Innovative Technology for the Classroom

Cutting-edge classroom technology is a modern-day necessity. Students have more chances to succeed and excel in the outside world when they have access to innovative technology at school. Whether it’s the ability to get exposure to technology they will use in the real world, access to the internet for research and projects, or the chance to learn remotely when they can’t be in the classroom, technology is a key part of a student’s education.

  • Fiber to the edge: high-speed fiber Internet in every classroom.
  • 10G speeds students can rely on
  • Video conferencing for remote learning
  • Audio/Video solutions for live events and athletics
  • IT security that keeps students safe online

Security Systems Built for Schools

Safety and security are top of mind for students, parents, and faculty in today’s world. The right security system for your school will help prevent outside threats from getting inside, equip you to act quickly in the face of danger, and give everyone peace of mind that your school is doing everything it can to keep people safe.

  • General surveillance systems
  • Cameras with face detection
  • live stream
  • and recording ability
  • Access control systems that eliminate the need for traditional keys
  • Intrusion alert to notify law enforcement
  • 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities

From Design to Build: SmartPro Technologies manages your project from concept all the way to the final deliverables.

24/7/365 IT Management and Maintenance you can Trust

Installing the right technology and security systems is only the beginning. Capitalize on all your new technology with an IT Management team you can trust. SmartPro Technologies ensures you’re always protected from physical and digital threats.

  • Security system monitoring
  • Mobile device management
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Automatic maintenance and updates
  • IT Help desk support

Future-Proofing School Technology

Technology is constantly changing. Smart Pro designs and builds solutions that allow for change and growth for years to come. We plan IT closets to increase their capacity, plan for more low-voltage cabling down the road, and work with trustworthy brands with proven track records of keeping their hardware and software up to date.

School Security and Technology FAQs

Will our students have free-range access to the internet? We work with each individual school to implement safeguards and monitoring on school-owned devices to help keep your students safe.

Can you create hybrid learning classroom environments? Yes. We can set classrooms up that are optimized for students who are present in the classroom, and also allows participation from remote students tuning in virtually.

Do your alarm systems dispatch emergency services? Yes. We can set up your security system to notify law enforcement if someone attempts a break-in or an emergency alarm is manually triggered.

Do you incorporate text alerts for parents? Yes. We can integrate a parent text alert service into your IT and security systems.

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